Medical Devices

We develop and produce medical devices using injection molding as the primary technology. Among the injection molding technologies we use are multi-component molding, air molding and insert molding. Click here for more information about Technology.

We develop and produce individual components, processed plastic components and complete devices.

Typical devices include Dispensers, Implants, Needles and canulla, Dosage systems, Single-use devices for hospitals and components for electronisk equipment, e.g. diagnostics equipment

Medical devices are manufactured in Class 7, 8 and 9 cleanrooms or a controlled environment. Click here for more information about quality.


Product Life Cycle Management

Our capabilities cover a large part of the value chain – from design and development to production and distribution of complete devices, including the necessary documentation for regulatory approval of the products, if required.

We have extended experience with design transfer off all range of medical devices from class I to III.

Read more about our capabilities here. 



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    Mogens Laigaard

    President and CEO


    "The high capability of our processes get our main focus resulting in reduction of process variances and occurrence of defects, as well in developing of robust design of devices with the purpose to ensure the patient safety and the fast track of new, modern and better medical devices to the market."

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