Guide Wires

SP Medical develop and manufacture Guide Wires and dispensers under the brand names Accoat, Poseidon and Champion™.

We have more than 25 years' experience and know-how in the field of development, manufacturing and sales of Guide Wires for the medical market. Today we are among the largest manufacturers in this field in Europe.

We produce stainless-steel Guide Wires with or without PTFE coating, and hydrophilic Guide Wires with a Nitinol core. These products are offered as sterile CE-marked products under our own brands or as private-label products.

In addition to our extensive standard range, we offer Guide Wires and dispensers as customized specialty products.

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Guide Wires are either bulk-packaged OEM products or supplied sterile and individually packed in accordance with Annex II of Directive 93/42/EEC.


Our Dispenser Range…

comprises clipless PP/PE dispensers. Dispensers are offered in circular or oval shapes tailored to Guide Wire lengths. Straighteners and female luer locks are available in a range of colors.


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    Mogens Laigaard

    President and CEO


    "Our products target areas such as cardiology, urology, radiology and angiography and focus on minimally invasive procedures.".

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