We develop and manufacture solutions using PTFE, hydrophilic or other precious materials as function-enhancing coatings.

In connection with medical devices, coatings are generally applied to reduce friction or provide electrical insulation, but other properties may also be obtained.

Typical coated devices include Catheters, Canulla, Guide Wires, Cores, Spirals, Thread, Springs and Needles.

Medical devices are surface-treated in Class 8 and 9 cleanrooms or a controlled environment. Click here for more information about quality



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    Helle Gjersoe Brouzes

    Regional Sales Manager, Guide Wires and Coating


    "We offer spray or dip coating, with or without markings. Coatings of down to 3 µm may be applied to plastic and metal surfaces.

    All our PTFE and hydrophilic coatings are tested in the cytotoxic test and available in a range of colors."

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