Our in-house product development and participation in research projects are factors that continually help improve our plastics and surfaces capabilities. We aim to be at the forefront when it comes to know-how and the practical application of materials and production technologies.

Nanotechnology already offers various possibilities that can be exploited commercially, enabling the production of unique surface coatings and customization of plastic materials to obtain special properties such as antimicrobial surfaces or surfaces with the exact opposite properties.

High-property polymers are used to develop composites to replace precious metals, allowing weight reduction while also opening a number of new doors in components design.

Conventional plastic technologies are changing rapidly, and we follow developments closely. Our focus areas include new technologies such as plasma treatment, PVD coatings, laser machining, and unique property surfaces such as hydrophobic surfaces.

We develop materials and production technologies in an international partnership with suppliers, universities and other research institutions.


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