Code of Conduct - Internal Issues

Human rights

SP Medical complies with the principles of the Internal Labor Organization’s conventions and the UN’ Declaration on Human Rights (UNDHR).In other words, we do not tolerate child- or forced labor, do not employ minors, and accept no forms of discrimination in labor/employee relationships, including prejudice based on gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, political orientation and social or ethnic origin. SP Medical recruits, employs and promotes staff exclusively based on their qualifications and experience.We recognize that all people are free and have equal rights in the workplace, and also respect each individual employee’s individuality, including their private life


Employees’ rights

Our staff are free to join a union, to express themselves and to participate in- or choose members for collective organization. All our organizations have established systems whereby staff elect representatives/spokesperson(s) for negotiation with management.As an employer we comply as a minimum with national legislation, legal codes, regulations and agreements in respect of wages and working conditions. SP Medical also works to provide staff with extra benefits.


Trust and respect

As an international organization we respect differences in cultures and traditions.Our internal relationships are characterized by mutual trust and respect. Consequently we do not tolerate any form of harassment, be that direct or indirect; physical or psychological; verbal or non-verbal.



SP Medical ensures that staff have a satisfactory working environment, and one in which the greatest consideration is taken for safety and environmental effects. We are committed to ensuring that our companies - as a minimum - act in accordance with applicable legislation relating to safety and the environment.Safety organizations are established within all our companies. Consequently, SP Medical ensures - in a structured manner and in cooperation with our staff - that the technical and organizational conditions are present to ensure a good and safe working environment.


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