Code of Conduct - external Issues


SP Medical operates legal, decent and competitive business. We respect and comply with rules of competition, and respect customers’ independence.We avoid anti-competitive practice that inhibits a free economy – including price-fixing, market sharing with competitors or misuse of dominance.


Openness and confidentiality

SP Medical endeavors to be as transparent as possible in our activities and will openly enter into dialogue with anyone who has a healthy interest in our business and activities.

Our staff are committed to protecting both the company’s own confidential business information and respecting others’ immaterial rights and confidential information.


Anti-corruption measures and conflicts of interest

Our business partners and other interested parties should be aware that our staff’s behavior is based on the company’s interests and not the staff’s own private interests. Consequently, SP Medical endeavors to avoid the slightest suggestion of conflict of interest.

In all external relationships we maintain a high degree of integrity and responsibility. We do not offer customers, potential customers, suppliers, the authorities or other community representatives, payment, gifts or benefits that conflict with applicable legislation, or what could be considered reasonable and accepted business- and marketing practice.

Our staff receive no gifts, benefits or payments that might influence - or be considered to influence their, or the organization’s business decisions.



In accordance with the UN’s Global Compact, SP Medical takes initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility and to reduce the group’s impact on the internal and external environment, in the same way as we endeavor to promote use of more environmentally-friendly technologies and materials.

The strategy is that all our companies will implement systems which ensure:

  • that environmentally-friendly products are used in manufacturing and development processes
  • that the quantity of waste and spillage as well as use of resources are minimized
  • that our activities – as a minimum – are based on relevant environmental legislation


The most significant effects on the environment occur by our businesses using energy (in particular electrical energy) and raw materials in production, and associated spillage material.

We measure ongoing figures for consumption of energy, heating, water and raw materials. The results are used to implement widespread measures which reduce energy consumption and spillage.

Our organizations’ direct CO2 emissions are modest, but indirect effects on the environment from CO2 result from electricity produced by power stations. SP Medical has no direct influence on the production derived from electrical power stations, but we endeavor to purchase a significant proportion of electricity from power companies who produce energy from renewable sources, e.g. windmills.


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  • Operation Clean Sweep®

    Operation Clean Sweep® is an international initiative from the plastics industry to reduce plastic pellet loss to the environment.


    The initiative’s aim is to ensure that the plastic pellets, flakes and powders that pass through manufacturing facilities are handled with the care and do not end up in our rivers or seas.


    SP Medical has committed to support Operation Clean Sweep® and has implemented systems to prevent plastic pellet loss to protect the aquatic environment.


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